Thesis entitled ‘Role of Malondialdehyde, Interleukin-8 and Tumour Necrosis Factor- alpha in the aetiopathogenesis of Pre-eclampsia’. 120 pages.

Conclusion – It was found that MDA level is significantly increased in pre-eclampsia group but both TNF and IL-8 levels are decreased in the same group which indicated no role of pro inflammatory cytokines in pregnancy complicated with pre eclampsia. It was also observed that pregnant women with pre-eclampsia who delivered low birth weight babies were having significantly increased levels of TNF and IL-8 in comparison with the same group with normal birth weight babies.

Purpose – To understand research methodology and research principles.


Bone and Joint Journal –
Research Methods and Paper Review Course; 26 th June 2019

Research Methodolgy course; RCS – 12th Nov 2018.
Learnt about research ethics, standards, recruiting participants, data collection and reporting.

Good Clinical Practice course; ’e learning NIHR’ – 11th Nov 2018.
Learnt about practical guide to ethical and scientific quality standards in clinical research.


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